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♪ with a fat hug for your sweater and your blouse ♪

So I saw the movies last friday and I gotta say I really liked it! Like, not just whoa better than i expected, but I genuinely laughed and awwed and squeed. Don't worry, no spoilers here, cuz homie don't play dat:

So my biggest fear was the fuckin fox as April. But she honestly didn't piss me off even once. Like, her character was so boring that I barely noticed her XDDD. So much that once the movie was over I forgot it was even her. Also all four boys were super cute. Like, yeah, their faces were kind of gnarly, but not so much that I focused on it too much. And the were all beefy an shit so that was a plus. Especially Raph holy shit he was huge *furiously fanning maself here*
Not a big fan of Leo's voice and Don's voice could have been way better (it was cool for him to look and act nerdy but the voice was a bit obnoxious). but I loooooved mikeys voice as well as Raphs. Leo's character was super boring but he had his moments so that was okay. And the four of them fucking aruond and squabling and pushing and beatboxing omg..... too much. I really did have a great time. As for the rest of the movie, the plot was nothing too exiting. As much as I frikin love Will Arnett I wasn't moved by his portrayel of Vernon. That was the one instance that I really wish it was more like the cartoon. As well as Whoopi Goldberg. Like, seriously why did they even bother??

Either way the boys had their moment in the light and that's really all I wanted. they were funny, they kicked butt, and there was the usual family stuffs.

So yeah. Thanks to this Im back :)

ps: i know ive said that before but i haven't been this giddy and exited about turtles in a while so....
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I love kitties
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I love love! Any kind! So long as it's legal and consensual, go for it!

I hate cavities
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I hate spoiled brats

I'm a total goofball. I can't be serious for more than a few minutes at a time. I live for jokes and comedy. In fact for the last few months I was spending my hard earned money on nothing but stand-up comedy. Gotta love open mike nite!

I'm trying to go back to school, but it's hella hard. School is hard, I get bad social anxiety when I least expect it, and money ain't cheap. I've got half my prerequisites down, now for the rest. Lord please save me from Chemistry!!!!!!!

I'm happily married, live in the NW, carry a Puertoriquen heritage, and am currently pushing for better health care access and GLBT rights.

Anything else? Feel free to ask!

aim: amrtrtga

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